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Tomatoes Galore

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

It's not been a good year for tomatoes in Sydney, with lots of rain and high humidity. However despite that those grown in our high-yield wicking beds are thriving!

But here's 4 top tips that may help you wherever you want to plant them!

TIP 1 - PLANT DEEP: We recommend planting tomatoes in a small trench and backfill as they grow, which results in additional roots and stronger plants. Tomatoes love to have wet feet, so a slight trench also helps with watering.

If they are watered from below in raised wicking beds like ours, the trench also means the small seedlings are closer to the water at the crucial early stages of development, giving them a head start! (Find out more here...)

TIP 2 - SINGLE STEM: We like to grow tomatoes from a single stem, pinching out the suckers as the main stem grows. The suckers grow diagonally between the leaves and the stem. Then you can put more plants in the same space. And because there are not branches bearing fruit, there is not competition for nutrition from the main stem.

TIP 3 - BARE BASE: We remove the bottom few leaves and the first flowers to discourage fungal disease splashing up from the soil, increase airflow, and encourage strong growth. Keep removing leaves from the bottom as they age.

The dry surface in our sub irrigated raised garden beds keeps disease at bay between rainfall, and the pests in check. (Find out more here...)

TIP 4 - FEEDING: Tomatoes need nitrogen and phosphorus at the outset to develop strong roots, then later more potassium. Potash is an excellent source (in fact the word potassium derived from potash, as it was the initial source!)

We don't usually have to feed our tomatoes - those grown in our beds do fine without feeding. Our nutritious growing medium and self watering aerated reservoir gave them all the water and nutrition they need. And the worms get to work in the built in kitchen scrap composter doing the rest! (Find out more here...)


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Click here to find out how the raised garden beds we install supercharge your veg with everything they need to thrive, with very low maintenance. Feel free to get in touch for a chat if you prefer.

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We primarily install these in Sydney, so please contact the Urban Veggie Crew to find out how you can get a veggie powerhouse installed in your own couryard, back yard, driveway or balcony!

Prices vary depending on your custom layout; these beds are built to last and filled with a high quality mix carefully crafted to provide an abundance of delicious veggies to pay you back in no time! See here for standard prices and sizing, but we are happy to do custom sizes / shapes to your liking! Just Contact us!

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