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Rain Rain Go Away...

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

All the rain in Sydney this year played havoc with tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, watermelon and other veggies planted in the ground.

A generous spraying with a dilute solution of bicarb, canola oil and a splash of dishwashing liquid puts pay to white mildew in short order.

However, thankfully those veggies lucky enough to be grown in our carefully engineered, self watering wicking beds were irrigated from beneath, and helped between rainfall by the dry surface soil. And the snails weren't too happy at all!

These fortunate veggies need very little attention until it comes to the picking and cooking part!

The rich growing medium we set our beds up with gives healthy veggies season after season with minimal input and less irritation from pests and disease. Just water one a week, and mulch one a year!

Contact @urbanveggiecrew to install your very own vegetable powerhouse!


About Our High-Yield Vegetable Beds

Anyone can grow vegetables with the special raised wicking beds we install in Sydney. We we set you up to win!

The engineered beds we install are tuned for unbelievably high vegetable yields with no hassle:

And even better they:

We build and install in backyards, courtyards and balconies all over Sydney.

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High-Yield Wicking Beds from Urban Veg

Find out more about the self-watering wicking beds we install in Sydney backyards, courtyards and driveways here.

Contact us  to enquire about getting a custom bed installed.

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