Raised Wicking Beds - Installed in Sydney

Wicking Garden Beds

The easiest way to grow vegetables!

We install beautiful self-watering raised wicking beds in Sydney - sturdy, safe and built to last.

Why Use Wicking Planters?


- Organic

- Sustainable

- Money Saving

- Educational

Our wicking raised planters are different.  They make it easy!​

We build and install raised beds for growing vegetables.   Our custom wicking beds are tuned for unbelievably high vegetable yields with low effort and low expertise.   

They supercharge your veg with everything they need to thrive, with very low maintenance.


How Do Wicking Beds Work?

Our sub-irrigated garden beds are known as "wicking" beds.  This means they are watered from below - from a unique water and air reservoir in their base.

The uniquely blended organic growing mix we fill them with "wicks" the water upwards.  This supplies the vegetable roots with the air and water they need, without you needing to water them from above, and encourages deeper root growth. 


We use a  tried and tested blend of volcanic rock, coir and biochar to keep your vegetables supplied with the right amount of water and air they need, even when you are away on holiday!   

This leaves the surface dry, and keeps in nutrition which means

  • Less Water Wastage to evaporation and runoff

  • No weeds (Why?)

  • Less Pests (Why?)

  • Less Disease (Why?)

  • Stronger Plants (Why?)

What is a wicking bed?

​And the food-safe, durable liner means these raised garden beds can be installed on concrete or pavers as well as any other level ground.  Drainage can be directed as required.

We Install Wicking Beds in Sydney

Connect a hose to a wicking bed

Low Maintenance Drought Proof Planters

Our beds have a unique air and water reservoir in their base.  They hold enough water to last weeks at a time, and they are topped by rainfall.

If it hasn't rained for a few weeks, they can be topped up manually simply by connecting a hose to their base for a few minutes.

  • Fortnightly summer watering

  • Monthly winter watering 

The hose can even be connected to a timer, and beds can be connected together to overflow into each other.  And because they are sub-irrigated, hoses can be used during water restrictions.

Pests, disease  and weeds hate this watering method.  (Why?)

Wicking Beds Installed in Sydney


Wicking Beds Grow Better Vegetables

Growing veggies in your own back yard is highly rewarding for all the family.  There's nothing better than sharing your bounty with your friends and neghbours.

Plants growing in our raised beds are many times more productive than plants growing in the ground.  They have everything they need on hand because our raised beds are:

  • Self watering  (How?)

  • Self fertilising (How?)

  • Weed free (How?)

  • Pest and disease deterring (How?)

You don't need expertise to find success with our beds!


Wicking Beds Built in Sydney 

Stronger plants in a sub irrigated planter

Wicking Beds: Stronger Plants

Plants grown in our raised beds have deeper, stronger roots than those grown in the ground.

Unlike plants growing in the ground, the growing mix in our raised beds is always wetter beneath the surface, even in hot weather, because they are watered from below.   (How?)

This encourages deeper root growth, which gives better drought resistance, tougher plants, and greater stability.

And because they always have water when they need it, they do not undergo any water stress, meaning they grow faster and stronger.

The uniquly blended  organic mix we fill our beds with gives all the nutrition they need with little need to fertilise.  (How?

We Build our Raised Beds in Sydney


Goodbye Pests, Hello Predators

Our wicking beds carefully water your veggies from below - therefore the top of the bed is dry.

Snails and slugs hate the dry surface – so you don't need to use slug pellets which harm wildlife and pets.

Beneficial predators can then move in, like this skink.  She loves to snack on any snails or slugs remaining together with aphids & ants!

Everything forms a natural balance, allowing your veggies to thrive like never before! 

And of course stronger, healthier plants resist other pests too.  Find out why veg grown in our beds is healthy and strong here.

Predators keep pests at bay

We Install in Sydney


Our Wicking Beds Need No Digging or Weeding

No digging or weeding

Our raised veggie beds require no digging! The rich organic blend of fill we provide contains small pieces of volcanic rock that help aeration and prevent compaction.    And the worms we provide in our self fertilising module keep the soil nicely broken up. (More)

Plants grown in our beds are lucky enough not to compete with Weeds.   The weed seeds cannot germinate because the top of our bed remains dry.  

And even when it rains for extended periods, there are less weed seeds to germinate because:

  • The rich organic mix we provide you with is weed-free (Why?)

  • The beds are fertilised from below, so additional seeds not introduced to the surface (How?)

  • No digging turns over the soil to expose any hidden seeds

We Install Raised Planters in Sydney


Wicking Beds have Less Disease, More Veg

Fungal disease after rain or top watering can play havoc with tomatoes, cucumbers or zucchini planted in the ground

Veggies lucky enough to be grown in our beds are irrigated from beneath, and helped between rainfall by the dry surface soil. And that means more on your plate!


 Find out why watering from beneath is great here

And we ensure the top of our beds are well mulched, preventing splash-back from rain passing any lurking spores onto the delicate leaves of your veg.

Less diseases, more veg

We Install in Sydney

Healthier plants produce more vegetabes

Why Wicking Beds Grow Healthier Plants 

Vegetables grow in our raised beds really do have an easy life!

The dry soil surface of these beds is proven to 

  • Deter Pests such as slugs and snails that eat the leaves (How?)

  • Reduce fungal diseases (How?)

  • Eliminate competition from weeds (How?)

And being off the ground, pets are deterred from interfering with your crop!  More...

Of course plants that are healthier in general tend to deter other types pests and are more disease resistant; the incredible organic mix we fill our beds with gives them everything they need to stay healthy. (How?)

We Install in Sydney


Our Wicking potting Mix - More than Dirt!

Our wicking beds use a unique blended growing medium that supercharges your veggies with all the nutrition and water they need to thrive, with very little maintenance.

Our mix is tailored to each customer's circumstances and is blended only from premium bagged products.  It contains no sand, silt, mud or clay.  Do it once, do it right.

We use a tried and tested blend of volcanic rock, coir and bio-char together with organic composts, organic fertilisers and potting mediums.   This allows water to wick up to 30cm above the aerated reservoir we install below.  (Why?)

Many times more productive than cheap potting mix, this perfect blend sets you up to win for many years with little additional input.   

Premium planter fill for a raised wicking bed

We Install in Sydney

Our raised beds use a worm composter to self-fertilise

Our Garden Beds are Self Fertilising

When veggies are grown in the ground, and added fertiliser eventually runs off or soaks down through the soil below their root level.

Because our wicking beds are lined with a lower reservoir, they have very little nutrient loss.   Nutrients go down into the reservoir and are wicked back up into the soil.

This makes these beds very efficient for fertiliser.  And the high quality mix we set you up with supercharges your veggies for years.

In addition, we install an in-ground composter.   This allows you to dispose of kitchen scraps straight into your bed.  Our starter worms thrive - moving inand out, fertilising your veggies for free! 

One more reason plants grown in our beds are so healthy  (more here).

We Install in Sydney & Wollongong


Beautiful Timber Beds - Safe, Built to Last!

Our beds are safe, look great and built for harsh Aussie conditions

We only use stable, kiln dried timber that has been preserved with a copper & iron oxide based product.  This makes them food safe, and child friendly.  However we choose to fully line them anyway with a food-safe liner.

BEWARE – most landscapers use cheap CCA treated pine containing arsenic & chrome – we consider these UNSAFE FOR VEG.  And that cheap timber is sold wet so prone to warping, cracking and bending. 


Our beds are long lasting, and look good for years.

Our self watering raised garden beds are beautiful and built to last.

We Install in Sydney & Wollongong


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