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25 Capsicums Grown in a Wicking Bed!

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

25 tiny capsicums growing on 3 small plants in one corner of one of our self watering wicking bed! Watered one a week from below, simply by plugging in a hose, these beds have everything they need.

Capsicum and chilli can be hard to grow from seed, and take 2-3 weeks to germinate in the ground, with constant 20-25 degree temperature needed.

Best to give them a head start by throwing out any discoloured seed, soaking them in water for 30 mins then keeping on a wet tissue in a ziplock bag until germinated. As soon as they sprout, plant in a thin layer of cocopeat on top of potting mix.

And these plants will survive for a second year of fruit in Sydney climate with a bit of a prune.

Contact to find out how you can feed your family by getting one of our low maintenance veggie beds installed in your own backyard!



High-Yield Wicking Beds from Urban Veg

Find out more about the self-watering wicking beds we install in Sydney backyards, courtyards and driveways here.

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