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About Our Raised Wicking Beds 

Growing veg at home is highly rewarding for all the family.

There’s nothing better than sharing your home grown bounty with your friends and neighbours!   

Growing Vegetables can be daunting 

But you don't need “green thumbs” to succeed.  Our wicking beds make short work of challenges from pests, weeds, drought, disease and incorrect soil types!    (How?)

Our Wicking Beds Take Away the Guesswork

The unique design of the custom raised wicking beds that we install, and the highly nutritious balanced mix we fill  them with sets you up for perfect  veggies in the Australian climate.  

And our tailored advice leaves every customer armed with a veggie plan for each season based on their taste and growing conditions.

Our raised garden beds are different.  Wicking makes it easy!

What Are Wicking Beds?

Wicking Beds Water From Below

Our wicking beds are premium sub-irrigated planters that are tuned for unbelievably high vegetable yields with low effort and expertise needed.


They will supercharge your veggies with all the nutrition and water they need to thrive, with very little maintenance.

Our unique blended growing medium allows  water to wick up to 30cm above the aeriated reservoir we install below.  We use a  tried and tested blend of volcanic rock, coir and biochar to keep your veggies supplied with the right amount of water and air they need, even when you are away on holiday!  

And the food-safe, durable liner means these can be installed on concrete or pavers as well as any other level ground.

Our unique aeration system means:

1. Dry soil surface - limits:

  • Weed germination

  • Slugs and snails

  • fungal disease

  • Surface water wastage

  • More...


3. Deeper rooting plants : 

  • Higher yields

  • Pest resistance

  • Disease resistance

  • Drought tolerance

  • More...

2. Less watering:

  • 1-2 times per fortnight (summer)

  • Monthly (winter)

  • Just plug a hose into the base

  • No watering cans! (Why?)

4. Low nutrient loss:

  • Less fertiliser – once annually

  • Worms love it – no digging!

  • More...

Beautiful, Safe, Built to Last!

Our beds are safe, look great and built for harsh Aussie conditions


We use stable, kiln dried timber that is preserved with copper & iron oxide.  This is food safe, child friendly, but we fully line them anyway.


BEWARE – most landscapers use cheap CCA treated pine containing arsenic & chrome – we consider these UNSAFE FOR VEG.  And that timber is sold wet so are prone to warping, cracking and bending.

Goodbye Pests, Hello Predators​

Our wicking beds carefully water your veggies from below - therefore the top of the bed is dry.

Snails and slugs hate the dry surface – so you don't need to use slug pellets which harm wildlife and pets.  More...

Wicking beds can deter pests
Wicking beds can attract predators

Beneficial predators can then move in, like this skink.  She loves to snack on any snails or slugs remaining together with aphids & ants!

Everything forms a natural balance, allowing your veggies to thrive like never before!

Fungal disease after rain or top watering can play havoc with tomatoes, cucumbers or zucchini planted in the ground.

Veggies lucky enough to be grown in our beds are irrigated from beneath, and helped between rainfall by the dry surface soil. 


And sub-irrigation encourages deep roots that leads to strong plants that are more disease resistant.

Tomatoes grown in our garden beds have less disease

All that means less work and more veg on your plate!


Less Disease, More Vegetables

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