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Our raised garden beds are different.  They make it easy!

High Yields: Our Raised Beds Grow More Veg with Less Effort

Self-Watering Beds: Abundant Produce

Growing veggies in your own back yard is highly rewarding for all the family.  There's nothing better than sharing your bounty with your friends and neghbours.

Plants growing in our raised wicking beds are many times more productive than plants growing in the ground.  They have everything they need on hand because our raised beds are:

We have written lots of articles  about growing different vegetables in wicking beds.  Check them out.

You don't need expertise to find success with our beds!

Stronger plants with deeper root systems

Self Watering Planters Grow Stronger Plants

Plants grown in our raised wicking beds have deeper, stronger roots than those grown in the ground.

Unlike plants growing in the ground, the growing mix in our raised beds is always wetter beneath the surface, even in hot weather, because they are watered from below.  

This encourages deeper root growth, which gives better drought resistance, tougher plants, and greater stability.

And because they always have water when they need it, they do not undergo any water stress, meaning they grow faster and stronger.

And the uniquely blended  organic mix we fill our beds with gives them all the nutrition they need with little need to fertilise

Healthier Plants With Less Hassle

Vegetables grow in our raised wicking beds really do have an easy life!

The dry soil surface of these beds is proven to 

And being off the ground, pets are deterred from interfering with your crop!  

Of course plants that are healthier in general tend to deter other types pests and are more disease resistant; the incredible organic mix we fill our beds with gives them everything they need to stay healthy

Healthy plants in a wicking bed
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