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Our raised garden beds are different.  They make it easy!

Our raised garden beds are different.  They make it easy!

Feeding Your Veggies Made Easy

Our Wicking Beds Contain Much More than Dirt!

Our wicking beds use a unique blended growing medium that supercharges your veggies with all the nutrition and water they need to thrive, with very little maintenance.


Our mix is tailored to each customer's circumstances and is blended only from premium bagged products.  It contains no sand, silt, mud or clay.  Do it once, do it right.

We use a tried and tested blend of volcanic rock, coir and bio-char together with organic composts, organic fertilisers and potting mediums.   This allows water to wick up to 30cm above the aerated reservoir we install below.  (Why?)

Many times more productive than cheap potting mix, this perfect blend sets you up to win for many years with little additional input.


Check out this article on the best soil mix to use in a wicking bed.    


Our Raised Beds are Self Fertilising

When veggies are grown in the ground, and added fertiliser eventually runs off or soaks down through the soil below their root level.

Because our beds are lined with a lower reservoir, they have very little nutrient loss.   Nutrients go down into the reservoir and are wicked back up into the soil.

This makes these beds very efficient for fertiliser.  And the high quality mix we set you up with supercharges your veggies for years.

In addition, we install an in-ground composter.   This allows you to dispose of kitchen scraps straight into your bed.  Our starter worms thrive - moving inand out, fertilising your veggies for free! 

One more reason plants grown in our beds are so healthy  (more here).

Self Fertilising
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