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Our raised garden beds are different.  They make it easy!

Our raised garden beds are different.  They make it easy!

Farewell to Pests, Weeds and Disease

Goodbye Pests, Hello Predators

Our wicking beds carefully water your veggies from below - therefore the top of the bed is dry.

Snails and slugs hate the dry surface – so you don't need to use slug pellets which harm wildlife and pets.

Beneficial predators can then move in, like this skink.  She loves to snack on any snails or slugs remaining together with aphids & ants!

Everything forms a natural balance, allowing your veggies to thrive like never before! 

And of course stronger, healthier plants resist other pests too.  Find out why veg grown in our beds is healthy and strong here.

PXL_20210101_011237656 (1).jpg

Raised Wicking Beds - No Digging or Weeding

Our raised veggie beds require no digging! The rich organic blend of fill we provide contains small pieces of volcanic rock that help aeration and prevent compaction.    And the worms we provide in our self fertilising module keep the soil nicely broken up. (More)

Plants grown in our beds are lucky enough not to compete with Weeds.   The weed seeds cannot germinate because the top of our bed remains dry.  

And even when it rains for extended periods, there are less weed seeds to germinate because:

  • The rich organic mix we provide you with is weed-free (Why?)

  • The beds are fertilised from below, so additional seeds not introduced to the surface (How?)

  • No digging turns over the soil to expose any hidden seeds

No Weeds

Less Disease, More Vegetables

Fungal disease after rain or top watering can play havoc with tomatoes, cucumbers or zucchini planted in the ground

Veggies lucky enough to be grown in our beds are irrigated from beneath, and helped between rainfall by the dry surface soil. And that means more on your plate!  Find out why watering from beneath is great here

And we always ensure the top of our beds are well mulched, preventing splash-back from rain passing any lurking spores onto the delicate leaves of your veg.

Less Disease
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