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Sutherland, NSW

April 2022







Double Bed Upgrade and Trellis Addition

We recently upgraded a couple of our own wicking beds. These had been built originally in 2019, to an earlier prototype design, but were lacking some of the features of our later beds.
We added vertical timbers in for aesthetic, sturdiness and timber stability plus we re-did the capping in the new wider style.

We also took the opportunity to add in 4 matching trellis sections. At 1.8m tall, these will give us the extra height we need for tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and snow peas.

A quick coat of decking oil was applied and the bed was looking much more like our newer models.

Find out more about the self-watering wicking beds we install in  Sydney backyards, courtyards and driveways here.

Contact us to enquire about getting a custom bed installed.

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