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Lawson, NSW

Jan 2024







1 Wicking Bed in the Blue Mountains

The newest member of our crew, Ari, assisted us with this wicking bed in Lawson, NSW.

The plot was sloping in two directions, with no two square fence or building lines to align to, so some experimentation was necessary to get the best position.

We settled on an angle that looked best from most positions, and still gave good access to winter sun.
Wicking beds are best placed in a position with good access to a low north sun in the southern hemisphere, to allow year-round growth of fruiting vegetables. More sun-challenged areas restrict you to salad greens, herbs and other shade-tolerant veg.

Find out more about the self-watering wicking beds we install in  Sydney backyards, courtyards and driveways here.

Contact us to enquire about getting a custom bed installed.

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