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Bellevue Hill, NSW

July 2021







Second of 2 Wicking Beds

The second wicking bed we installed at Bellevue hill had to be in line with the top of the first, so needed to be double height with a subfloor. This gives a very comfortable height for gardening, but still has the benefits of being fully lined with a water reservoir and wicking sells below.

The self watering bed will yield lots of vegetables in summer as it will have full sun all day. The large size is Ideal for corn, zucchini, pumpkin, watermelon as well as the usual rows of small vegetables.

The owner was extremely happy with the result, and being in line with the first bed we did in May give it strong visual appeal.

Find out more about the self-watering wicking beds we install in  Sydney backyards, courtyards and driveways here.

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