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Beaumont Hills, NSW

Mar 2022







2 Adjoining Wicking Beds

Urban Veggie Crew was engaged by a lovely couple in Beaumont Hills to build two adjacent veggie beds in a suntrap under a window.

This area was paved, which is no problem as our wicking beds are all lined with a directable overflow, so can be installed in paved areas not usually suitable for coping with garden bed water runoff.

This spot, although narrow, gets sun literally all day. It will be great for sun loving vegetables such has corn, capsicum (bell peppers), chilli, eggplant as well as tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs.

We built two separate beds as maximum liner length can be restrictive with one big one. However, inside, both beds are connected together below the water line so can be filled from one end at low water pressure until the water flows out of the other end.

These beds were well mulched which reduces the evaporation to negligable levels meaning the only significant water loss is from plant transpiration.
They should therefore only need watering around 3-4 weeks after rain when packed with full foliage, or longer when there are only smaller plants growing!

We set the raised beds up with enough nutrition to last a good few years. The beauty of wicking beds is no nutrition is lost to the ground, so much less fertilisation is needed.

Find out more about the self-watering wicking beds we install in  Sydney backyards, courtyards and driveways here.

Contact us to enquire about getting a custom bed installed.

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