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Wicking Bed Solutions


Flexible Installations

Grow vegetables anywhere!

Wicking Beds are fully lined with a water inlet and outlet.  This means they can be installed on a variety of surfaces, and are suitable for a variety of applications.

As well as residential installations, we have supplied  schools, aged care facilities, councils, acreages, community gardens


Wicking Beds for
Schools & Education

Wicking beds are perfect for schools because they don't need regular watering, allowing them to survive the holidays.... 


Wicking Beds for
Aged Care

Our taller beds are great for reducing bending, and the hose fitting means no need to carry heavy watering cans (11).jpg

Wicking Beds for
Community Gardens 

Many community gardens make use of wicking beds due to the higher yields and low maintenance. 



Wicking Beds for
Acreages & Farmsteads

We have installed wicking beds at many country residences, allowing self sufficiency to thrive!

Benefits of Wicking Planters?


- More Veg

- Fast Growing

- Fewer Pests

- Less Disease


- Organic

- Sustainable

- Money Saving

- Educational

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